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Two Geldings in a Paddock - Original Art

Two Geldings in a Paddock - Original Art

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Two Geldings in a Paddock, 18" x 24", mixed media on 1 1/2 Cradled Panel. Oil, Cold wax, Oil bar, Paper, Crayon.

This painting has been juried into 'Cold Wax International - A Juried Exhibition' 2024. 839 entries, 78 selected.  Online Link coming soon 

On any given day in my studio there are generally 3-4 paintings in progress and they fall into a working rotation. Sprinkled in between those days are a few Alla Prima sessions, where I aim to complete one painting on that particular day. There is also usually a painting that sits longer. I work on it sporadically; when I have some extra paint on my palette, or perhaps I'm experimenting with an idea. Such is the case with this, Two Geldings painting. 

Originally I started tight and thought the horses would be represented classically, however as I keep learning and evolving ideas, the traditional way just seemed - boring. Once the horses were marked in I created a paper mask to protect the horses and started laying in shapes, textures and colour in cold wax, crayons and oil bars. Then I ripped up some papers and old newsprint and layed in the cold wax too. This completely disrupted the image the way I wanted. Then, uncovering the mask I worked the horses into the disruption. To complete the image I zoned in on refining shapes in offset cross composition. 

The end result is very different from much of my work and I love it! It's a fun piece with lots of movement, texture and not to mention how appropriate a title if you have ever owned a troublemaking gelding 😉


18" x 24" Mixed Media on Cradled Panel. Mixed media components are: Oil, Cold Wax, Oil Bar, Crayon, Paper

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