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Two Geldings in a Paddock - Original Art

Two Geldings in a Paddock - Original Art

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Two Geldings in a Paddock, 18" x 24", mixed media on 1 1/2 Cradled Panel. Oil, Cold wax, Oil bar, Paper, Crayon. This artwork is hanging in Sellwood at The Portland Bottleshop, March 30th, through the end of April. 

On any given day in my studio there are generally 3-4 paintings in progress and they fall into a working rotation. Sprinkled in between those days are a few Alla Prima sessions, where I aim to complete one painting on that particular day. There is also usually a painting that sits longer. I work on it sporadically; when I have some extra paint on my palette, or perhaps I'm experimenting with an idea. Such is the case with this, Two Geldings painting. 

Originally I started tight and thought the horses would be represented classically, however as I keep learning and evolving ideas, the traditional way just seemed - boring. Once the horses were marked in I created a paper mask to protect the horses and started laying in shapes, textures and colour in cold wax, crayons and oil bars. Then I ripped up some papers and old newsprint and layed in the cold wax too. This completely disrupted the image the way I wanted. Then, uncovering the mask I worked the horses into the disruption. To complete the image I zoned in on refining shapes in offset cross composition. 

The end result is very different from much of my work and I love it! It's a fun piece with lots of movement, texture and not to mention how appropriate a title if you have ever owned a troublemaking gelding 😉


18" x 24" Mixed Media on Cradled Panel. Mixed media components are: Oil, Cold Wax, Oil Bar, Crayon, Paper

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