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Alvord Resting - Original Art

Alvord Resting - Original Art

11" x 14" oil on canvas panel. Framed. 

It was a hot day out in the Alvord desert. A herd of wild horses with several bachelor stallions just made their way across the dusty gravel road to a water hole for a refresher. They knew the route well and travelled in a trail ride-like singe file to the hole. I noted their bonds and communication, staying close, but playfighting every so often.

Smoke haze and rock formations inspired the shapes and colours represented. During my visit the sky was hazy from California fires burning south. The rock face of Steens Mountain above the Alvord is a sharp, angular comparison to the long flat of the desert below.


11 x 14 oil on panel

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Jennifer Pratt Artist in her Studio

Discover the Essence of Equine Beauty Through Art

As an artist, I have dedicated myself to the subject that inspires me most, the equine form. I am drawn to the lines in a horse’s conformation; fluid, angular, curvaceous and graceful. I aim to transform each horse's unique essence into art

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