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Antithesis II - Original Art

Antithesis II - Original Art

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12" x 12" Mixed Media, on panel. (cold wax medium, oil paint, pastel graphite)

Second in the Antithesis series. If all goes well, there will eventually be 4 in this series. There are two more in the works quietly being what fussed with.

Funny story, I have been giving painting lessons, forewarning students that I don’t always us ‘pro’ terms to describe things.. fussing around with a painting near the end stages I refer to as “Canoodling”…It’s this point where you are putting daps here and there, but only making small changes, but these additions dangerous walk the line beside actually calling the painting done OR the entire painting going sideways off the cliff. I canoodled this painting a lot!!

Knowing that I was finally done and I was going to write something about Canoodling..I decided to google Canoodle – Holy! it’s an actual word! I thought this was my word. From the dictionary : To canoodle is to embrace and fondle. Romantic couples canoodle. So folks I have canoodled this painting, it was only sorta romantic, I got the job done and managed not drive it off a cliff 😉 😂


12″ x 12″ Mixed Media on panel. Oil paint, Cold Wax Medium, pastel, crayon, graphite

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