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Antithesis I - Original Art

Antithesis I - Original Art

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Mid-March 2023 I traveled to the Tubac School of Fine Art in Arizona. This was my second time participating in a Cold Wax workshop with  Leslie Miller. This time, artist Dianna Fritzler joined her for a duo session. Both instructors are lovely and generous humans. The art school itself is one of the most comfortable learning environment settings I have ever traveled to. As a returning student, this trip reinforced previous learning in working abstractly. More ideas stuck and solidified.

Many of my clients are used to my representational ways of working, however the allure and challenge of working abstractly is appealing. It’s a way to extrapolate the equine form in other complex ways. Understanding composition and design principles are important to make an abstract artwork successful. These ‘rules’ appeal to the designer in me. Paintings become puzzles with answers to be solved. They test my ability in other ways that are complex and challenging. This is another side of me and horses I am still exploring. Thank you for being on the journey.


12″ x 12″ Mixed media on panel.
(cold wax, oil paint, crayon, pan pastel)

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As an artist, I have dedicated myself to the subject that inspires me most, the equine form. I am drawn to the lines in a horse’s conformation; fluid, angular, curvaceous and graceful. I aim to transform each horse's unique essence into art

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