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Waterhole Blues V - Original Art

Waterhole Blues V - Original Art

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Waterhole Blues V, 12" x 12" oil on cradled panel. Unframed. (Float Framed in room mock up as example)

One of three original paintings submitted to Oregon Society Of Artists, annual 12" x 12" show and sale. The inspiration of this painting came from the ongoing series of South Steens Mustang stallion, Spirit. Spirit is incredibly handsome, yet terribly cute as well. He's just chilling here by the hole on a hot July day. 

All artwork at the show is under $225.00, and mine are all $195.00 !! please contact Oregon Society of Artists if you are interested in this artwork. 


12" X 12" oil on cradled panel

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As an artist, I have dedicated myself to the subject that inspires me most, the equine form. I am drawn to the lines in a horse’s conformation; fluid, angular, curvaceous and graceful. I aim to transform each horse's unique essence into art

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