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Waterhole Blues II

Waterhole Blues II

A series is forming. My subject is South Steens Mustang Stallion, Sprit. This is the third painting of a few more still to come. I am exploring colour and brushwork in these initial paintings. I use a lot of solvent reduction in my work and this is a good example. Rubbing paint away, I find shapes, both negatively and positively. I also reduce to define highlights and add interesting shapes in the background.

I am getting excited to work on some bigger pieces featuring Spirit, but I wanted to offer a smaller painting selling via Auction to my collectors out there :) So here it is - I hope you enjoy him 😊 Bidding starts at $100, link in purchase button. 


6" x 8" oil on panel, unframed. Selling via Daily Paintworks Auction, link on purchase button to bid

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Jennifer Pratt Artist in her Studio

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As an artist, I have dedicated myself to the subject that inspires me most, the equine form. I am drawn to the lines in a horse’s conformation; fluid, angular, curvaceous and graceful. I aim to transform each horse's unique essence into art

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